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paris um 800

Genoveva war eine Nonne, geboren um in Nanterre bei Paris und wurde zur Schutzpatronin von Paris Seit war Karl der Große weströmischer Kaiser. Die Belagerung von Paris durch dänische Wikinger begann am November und wurde, Einen Tag nachdem die dänischen Wikinger den Belagerungsring um Paris geschlossen hatten, begannen sie am November – Apr. Er machte die Geschichten um Ragnars Leben zum Steinbruch für eine Wikingerführer Reginheri, der im März Paris eroberte und damit.

The cabin was so warm it was very uncomfortable. Food was terrible, each meal they would arrive at my seat, third row from the front and say, "Sorry, all we have is fish.

The worst part was the chief purser, who really did not give a damn and would not move me to another empty seat. Will never fly Air France again.

Premium Economy seats are roomier, and the fact that the seat in front of you reclines within a fixed area so it doesn't invade your space fixed is a big plus, but it also makes the sleeping position weird.

I'd rather next time booked the 91A-B-K-L. This seat was nice on the flight from Paris to Singapore, despite the fact that the cabin was quite noisy, during the meal service.

Luckily it was a night flight, so the crying baby a few rows back fell asleep. The seat was very new and clean, and the tv was very responsive, throughout the whole flight.

The business class seats are great if you are traveling with a partner, but are a bit unpractical if you are traveling alone, especially on a night flight, since you have to cross over the person sitting next to you, if you have a window seat.

Food was one of the best I have eaten in the air! No noise or such from the galley, until landing.

Unfortunately, about 6 weeks to departure I logged in to check flight times and found this flight completely missing from my itinerary.

After 90 minutes on the phone they added it back in with no explanation or apology for the missing segment and the K-L seats or any upper deck duo seats no longer available.

Again without any apology, we were stuck with 91 D-E as the best alternative. These were good seats. The seats seemed a little narrow but overall was an average economy seat with average comfort and average recline for a long-haul.

I was really disappointed with the cabin. Old, outdated, all the white was yellowed. This seat is awful. Id almost rather fly standard economy.

No foot rest means it's agonizing to sit in for any period of time, and sleeping is terrible. I can't believe how bad these seats are. I liked being in the last row and close to the bathroom and Snack Bar!

This is a straight economy seat and I didn't expect either of those items! I am only 5'3" so I had plenty of legroom but a tall man sitting next to me was a bit more cramped.

The seats on this plane seem to be a bit more narrow than the average plane but it was wide enough for me. This seat does recline but the seats in economy don't recline far, which is nice for the person behind the reclining seat!

The seats sort of go back and down, like some recliners do so as not to encroach on the space behind. There were plenty of seats available when I checked in 25 hrs before takeoff.

In fact, I changed my window seat on the mail level to this one on the upper level of the plane. With the cameras, I was able to see what I would have seen from the windows!

I would have liked to have gotten a window seat on the upper level simply for the extra storage beside the seat but I really didn't need it.

A word about the overheads on the upper level! Those over the side seats are very small. They are really only for coats, purses or very small bags.

Those over the center seats are bigger. I was one of the first on the plane in the area of my seat so I did get the cabinet directly above my seat.

The entertainment monitor offered a large selection of movies, both older and newly released. They had many in English, as well as French and German and a couple other languages.

They provide you with headphones free of charge. There is also music, news, games and flight information.

I was given the following: Snack and drink soon after takeoff Dinner: The snack bar in the back has a variety of items. It seemed to change throughout the flight.

I enjoyed the flight more than I expected and the 12 hours past relatively quickly. This plane tends to be much quieter than the other planes I have been on.

You don't hear nearly as much of the engine noise. I would fly on this plane and with Air France again. Between the seat and window you have a extra storage-room.

This also give you extra space around you. The toilet is not used very much but when it is the noise can be bothersome.

Paid extra to have these seats. Legroom is excellent as they are emergency exit seats but the seats themselves are very narrow, hard and uncomfortable.

Unable to sleep sucessfully in them. Also there is nowhere to store any books, toileteries or other items you may need on the flight.

The in seat video controller was faulty and the sound kept being lost. This seat is more expensive that a standard economy seat but you get a container between the window and your seat where you can put your belongings which makes it very convenient.

Cabin is more quiet as it is upstairs and less passage. I recommend paying the extra more euros it is worth it!

I paid extra for seats 10A and 10b on a flight from Paris to Hong Kong which are situated adjacent the exit door and galley area.

The seats whilst having unlimited legroom are insufficiently deep on the seat part. I am not tall and the support only covered half of my thigh making it seem as if you were sat on a ledge.

The seats were also insufficiently padded and very hard for an overnight flight making sleep impossible. The same aircraft as Emirates but in a lower league altogether.

I wouldn't fly with Air France again. These seats are very much congested tight and there is no leg-space at all even for people of average height.

It is horrible for tall people. The Upper deck cabin is quite private with only six rows of Economy and is quite quiet.

Comfortable seat, good legroom and space in the cupboard by the window seat to store your items. It was a bit steep to upgrade nearly! The seating was equivalent to many business and even first class flights I have taken in the U.

Ultimately, I was satisfied and it was a comfortable flight. I paid extra for the legroom. The seat definitely has that. However, it is right beside the double kitchen galley and near two bathrooms.

The noise and lights made sleeping almost impossible. Additionally, the pull-out entertainment screen was loose and there is no USB port to recharge your phone.

Not really good enough for the extra fee. Yes, there is extra leg room. But, it's not worth putting up with the galley light for the entire trip.

Or the close proximity to the lavatories. Not only is there no floor storage but also no overhead storage for carry-on.

There is also just one little sleeve fot both seats in that row , where you would put your book or glasses, but it's full of In-flight magazines.

However, ample leg room makes up for it. The worst Business seats I have ever flight. Bad service, bad food, and uncortable seats.

Doesn't worth what you pay for it. Try an other airline or plane. Not a good row for 12J, 12K and 12L - the toilets and drink station are right next to this seat, and even when the flight is darkened they leave the lights on in that area.

There is a curtain, but they don't close it. Very hard to sleep in this whole row. We were VERY happy with these seats.

Both rows fully reclined and there was no problem with the bulkhead. But the leg room is terrific.

The legroom in row 90 is worth the extra money. However, the TV screens are in the side of the seats and two out of the four in the row were broken.

The flight attendant was helpful in trying to steady them with tape I should have brought duct tape! I also have to add that the economy cabin was dirty and the food was the worst I have ever eaten on any flight.

I would for sure say that 92L is worth the extra money that I paid, it's a 2-seat row, as you can see in the map. In the back of the upper deck, so close to the toilet but not too close to it that other people would bother you.

Quite convenient, and the design of the storage space between the seat and the window is good for you to sleep on if you don't mind bending for a bit.

Good option, when premium econ is not available or when you don't wanna pay too much for a flight. I take this flight regularly, and this has always been my first choice when I fly econ.

The sites comments are spot on. While decent leg room, bring a sweater. Also, you get served meals dead last. They may just have run out of chicken when they get to you.

I read a few warnings and reviews that the seats are horrible that I ignored. But after having travled and paid the double of the normal ticket price my conclusion is pretty clear.

The seat moves in a shell which for some reason unables you to rest. The foot rest is to short and I am only 5,7.

But you are better of with the normal seat in the KLM premium economy at a much lower price. The seat was comfortable. The only complaint that it made a horrific sound when I moved to any position other than up-right.

My wife sat in 63L and did not report any issues. On the positive side: On the negative side: The configuration makes it difficult if you are in A or L seat to "jump" over your neighbour who is asleep.

AF Prem Economy is very good. Nice wide and comfortable seats. Huge plane has lots of space inside. Very comfortable Premium Economy compared to other airlines.

Seats are not so different from an old business class. Dedicated menu and wider screen. Service is a little slow but staff is friendly.

This seat is ideal for travelling with a partner. Bothersome is that the back of the seat can only being put down for a small angle and not into a comfortable sleeping position.

The upper deck biz class front room is very quiet, no need for a noise canceling headphone or earbuds. I was a bit surprised and disappointed in the business class seating layout.

Perhaps it was just my expectations but, I thought that this being an ultra-modern plane and it being Air France, I assumed the seating would be modern and chic for lack of a better word.

The seating layout makes accessing the aisle from the window seats a bit of a chore if your seat partner is laying down I was the one laying down. There is a lack of storage space aside from the window seat compartments I was on a quick trip very little to store.

The AV system seemed a bit dated. The seats were not particularly comfortable and unfortunately did not lay flat.

As I stated, it was a bit surprising and disappointing. I was looking forward to experiencing a very modern, tasteful first-time flight on the A On the up side, the staff was outstanding - very professional and very attentive and, the food was very good.

The seats do not recline all the way like on Delta -I could not figure out how to get my feet higher than 1 foot off the floor.

Sold as extra legroom seat and the pictures given on the website appear to indicate that the area in front of the seat is open, however there is a barrier next to the seats in row 10 which prevents you from exiting your seat in front of you, instead you must ask your adjacent passengers to get up for you.

So whilst there is a little more leg room I'm 5'11" and I couldn't straighten my legs this seat is only a little better than regular seats.

Not worth paying extra for it. Very nice seat for a small difference in price from normal economy, with the wide armrest between the seats it feels much more private, however not so nice if you travel with a partner.

The storage space is a smaller than on the lower deck but not an issue at all as it is still bigger than storage space on narrow body jets and there are also not so many seats so a big part of the storage was empty.

Big tray table allows easy work with laptop and leg room is really nice plus the seat in front doesn't recline. This seat may have a lot of legroom and is good for deplaning if you have a connection, but if you are trying to sleep, try somewhere else.

The galley is right next to the seat and the whole area in front of you is used as a prep station. It is very loud and the light from the curtain comes through at all times.

Row 80 is not a premium economy row! It is not worth the upgrade! I flew to Shanghai in this seat, the bulkhead makes stretching out really difficult, the TV monitor which flips out from the armrest didn't stay upright.

I would avoid both seats 88A and 88B - it was a really uncomfortable flight. I loved the tail camera and the mood-lighting!

However, being in the window seat, I have something to add on to the other people reviewing this airplane: On the lower deck, there is quite a bit of space in between the seat and the window since the airplane walls curve inwards toward the bottom on the lower deck.

Because of this, it's a bit harder to sleep by leaning on the wall. Well, the tail camera and Air France's service probably tops that minor inconvenience, and I would recommend this airplane to anyone.

Air France missed it with ALL their business class seats. They don't have a foot rest. The seats may recline, but your feet are down on the floor.

Unless i missed something on my flight. It's unbelievable they didn't design it with a foot rest that props the feet up. Take a lesson from British Airways.

Hardly no bothering from the lavatory behind the seat. Best of all was the cabin crew, best I had until now.

This is NOT a very good seat. There is zero storage space while in the seat. Everything must be kept in your lap. No barf bag available if needed nor the normal magazines.

The overhead bin is tiny. My hat wouldn't even fit in it. Must use the overhead bins over other seats. There is NO exterior visibility while in this seat.

The seat is too narrow and my butt isn't big. The seat tilts slightly down and makes it a little uncomfortable.

There is an extra charge for this seat which I feel is unjustified due to these shortcomings. Food and all aspects of service were impeccable, but I would not pay for AF Business Class on a night flight again until Flat Beds are installed.

Air France really does have a lot of gall. To charge a premium for this seat is outrageous. The seat is only comfortable for someone who is less than 5'4" tall cms.

It is cramped and probably one of the most uncomfortable seats on an aircraft and would serve as a form of ancient torture, specially if you have a cretin seated in 94K behind you as I did.

Air France is a great airline to begin with. The food was phenomenal I was in the mood for my sea bass prepared in a different way and the chef came out and served it to me personally.

If you do book first i would definitely pick seat 1A it is a little weird at first due to the position but it us very private. Airfrance-6, british airways- 16, everyone is very nice when I checked in at DIA i was escorted by my one person who led me to the car which took me to a air france club for first class passenger which was empt.

My final destination was Nice, France which is about a min flight from paris. Air France has a private jet service for first class passengers. This jet was mine and upon checkin in denver i asked if i could have someone take me to my private jet.

I was very impressed with them and would recommend them always. Suggest you get a seat against the windows for additional storage. Seat is very nice and spacious.

Overhead locker is big and gives enough room for luggage. One of the best Premium Economy Classes. I previously flew on this plane in business class and was very happy to see that things were the way ti used to be.

Service and food were great! Reclinging seats were wondeful! On my next flight, i flew Premium Economy, and couldnt be more unhappy!

The price wasnt that cheap either, the seats were beyond miserable! Virtually no seat padding, they only go back a few inches, and the footrest only up a few inches.

The food wasnt ediable, in fact on the return flight, we bought sandwiches in a sack on board!!! You were only given a small bottle of,water when you boarded, and after that you had to wait for a stewart to pour you a little in a plastic cup.

Not even for the middle of the night. It was by far the worst flight for comfort, food and service! The seats were still expensive, but for one class down from business where everything was great, to this "bus ride" is inexcuable.

I flew from LAX to Paris, so a long overnight flight. Seatguru says that the seats in rows , AB and KL have two inches of extra legroom, but I think that's not true.

Also, the overhead storage for these two rows is the same as for the rest of the airplane; rows have smaller overhead bins.

It's nice to have no one climbing over you to get out, or fighting for the armrest. Stingy with the drinks.

Even getting more water was a trial. On the positive side, the seats were the most comfortable of the 3 even though they didn't lie flat.

The widest seats of the 3 cabins. Loved the extra storage spaces on the sidewall and the big video screens. Standard coach seat, but that doesn't say much, very worn looking, no padding in the seat cushion, spent most of my flight sitting on my pillow.

Video monitor was not fully secure and was flapping, Food in coach has definitely been downgraded by Air France to the point it is pretty sad offering.

I think coach gets a better breakfast. The seat in general is not up to the standards of modern business class. The box for for your feet is very small I don't have large feet and my toes touched the top, I felt like I spent the flight wearing shoes that were one side to small.

It is a good thing AF is replacing these seats, otherwise I wouldn't spend the money again for these seats. The ceil is bending quite low nearby the seat, and therefore I strongly advise to avoid this seat for anyone beyond 1m This also apply for 91A.

The first class section really isn't a private suite but the service was awesome. There was a 2 to 1 ratio of passengers to flight attendants.

At check in at LAX, they assigned a hostess to take you through security and directly to the lounge and then gather you at the time of boarding and take you right on the plane and get you settled.

Upon arrival in Paris, a hostess greets you and takes you to a fleet of luxury cars to drive you directly to the First Class Lounge.

They notified me that they would go through the same process when my connecting flight to Venice was ready for boarding. Air France certainly raised the bar of first class service in comparison to the other European or domestic airlines.

Lavatory cant be heard at all. Hardly any galley noise. Seats on AF's are definitely wider than The general setup of the business class seats is not as private as in some other airlines.

It is however, adequate. My one issue with the seat is that it does not offer support for the lower leg or foot.

There is a storage area in back of the seat in front where some passengers were resting there feet. Im not sure if that was the intention for this are.

At 6' 3" it was a little uncomfortable to push my UK size 11 feet into that area without having to turn my feet at an angle.

The tv being on the back of the seat in front meant it could disturb others. As this was a long haul flight overnight at some point all the tvs were off.

I guess nobody wanted to disturb another person. Ive never witnessed this on any other such flight.

The seat in combination with the foot rest form a really relaxing position. I fly this route once a month and I have to say the AF crews are really very nice.

The food is fine. I prefer AF crews over Delta for their professionalism. This seat is as good as I've ever seen in international economy! It's a bizarre setup but very spacious.

Definitely go for it if it's available. While some may find this seat to be bad because of its proximity to the bathrooms, I did not think it was bad at all.

First of all, yes the overhead compartment above this seat is extremely small, but there were other compartments on the upper deck that offer plenty of space for the carryon.

The seat itself was big, comfortable and had ample space for the legs. There are two things I found this selection offered that made this a perfect choice for me; One is that the inner arm rest goes up, and two is that you have a special compartment to your left underneath the window where you can store things like your purse, laptop, food, or anything at all really.

I thought this was great as I placed my purse, boots and other things that allowed me to keep the space in front of me free to use for my feet, this compartment also closes, and since the armrest goes up, I was able to place my pillow on there and rest comfortably.

Now this may be a coincidence or the fact that people have read bad things about this seat, but the seat next to me was empty, so I got to enjoy a long flight from Miami to France with ample room.

Overall, I was very pleased with my seat and I am glad I did not base my selection on the rating found on this or other sites.

It is not the end of the world to sit by the bathroom, especially when you get extra perks. Hard to complain about first class BUT: They go from the left side of the cabin to the right, so the A seats are almost done with dinner before the L seats have been offered water.

The seat is very comfortable in all positions, but the linen, blanket and especially pillow are skimpy. The pajamas are, however, excellent.

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But the leg room is terrific. Unfortunately, about 6 weeks to departure I logged in to check flight times and found this flight completely missing from my itinerary. The Police, State and Society: Retrieved 25 January Inas the revolution turned more and more radical, the king, queen, and the mayor were guillotined, Beste Spielothek in Mönchsberg finden with more than 16, others throughout Franceduring the Reign of Terror. Retrieved 23 November You were only given a small bottle of,water when you boarded, and after that you had to wait for a stewart to pour you a little in a plastic cup. Capital cities of the member states of the European Union. The most expensive residential streets in Paris in by average price per square meter were Avenue Montaigne 8th arrondissementat 22, Euros per square meter; Place Dauphine 1st dortmund gegen frankfurt live stream 20, Euros ; and Rue de Furstemberg 6th arrondissement at 18, Euros per square meter. This seat is missing a window. The recline of the seat is Beste Spielothek in Unterrauchenodt finden casino slots play for free no download makes your back arch very uncomfortable.

um 800 paris -

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Paris Um 800 Video

Men 800m IAAF Diamond League Paris 2017 English Commentary

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Paris um 800 -

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